You need to know your numbers to make trucking work for you.

“I had no idea I was losing money on half of my loads”

That’s what I hear from new customers all the time.

Big loads with a big paycheck don’t always make you the most money. Sometimes shorter loads are more profitable.

That means in choosing the wrong one you set fire to hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars.

But to choose profitable loads you NEED to know the true costs in your business.

You need to know - mile-by-mile - how much it will cost to run your truck. You need to know - whether you are running or sitting - how much it costs every day.

And you need all of this, constantly. Adding up all of the numbers, every single week.

This is a lot of work, especially if you aren’t using the right system.

After all, being on the road inevitably results in dozens of lost receipts - and you pay for it at tax time.

Keeping an eye on your bottom line is tough even under perfect conditions.

It’s worse when you have a stack of receipts from all over the country to go through… and it’s almost impossible when you throw in being on the road at the time!

That’s why it’s so hard to keep up with your books. It isn’t just a pain at tax time, it’s a pain all year.

When you fall behind, your books become a monster.

So you put them off - but then they just build up until you have no idea whether your costs per mile are even close any more.

Are you still making money on those loads?

You don’t really know - and waiting to sort it out just makes things worse.

You’re left making a mad dash at tax time, crunching numbers and hoping you don’t get audited…

But your lack of organization means the tax man gets more than his share and you are left feeling helpless.

It’s easy to slip up when you’re trying to think back to month-old conversations and purchases.

It’s easy to get taken advantage of when you don’t know your numbers.

It feels like you’re doing everything you can, yet still falling short.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s something’s wrong with this picture.

You need software geared toward a trucking business.

The truth is trucking businesses like yours need to track things differently… the success of your business is centered around your costs per mile.

No other industry works like that, which is why 99% of accounting software just gets in the way.

Programs like Quickbooks and Quicken don’t take mileage into account. In fact, most software doesn’t work on a per mile basis.

With these types of programs you also can’t access your info from anywhere, making life on the road even more stressful.

This just makes it harder for you to figure out how much money you’re really making.

It feels like your only option is to do everything yourself by battling spreadsheets, or back of the napkin calculations, or even worse… guessing.

That’s no way to run a business.

You care about knowing your true cost per mile more than anything else.

Every business owner knows the stress of not knowing how much money their business is making.

As a trucking business, each load you haul needs to be profitable.

The problem is, you don’t know how much you’ll make until it’s too late. Doing things the old-fashioned way means you’re looking back to find out whether you made any money.

This can make picking loads complete guesswork. You never really get a grasp of today’s numbers, which makes tomorrow’s even fuzzier.

You don’t feel like you’re in control - and that’s no way to operate a business.

You need to know which loads will be profitable.

You need every last bit of information before you agree to a load.

You need to make sure each load is going to earn a profit for your business. The only way to do that is to know your true cost per mile, profit per mile, average miles and more – at all times.

So, what if life on the road was simple?

What if you had confidence when you picked up a load that it was going to make you good money?

What if you could keep track of all of the loose ends and you had all your important numbers at your fingertips at any time?

What if you knew everything you made and spent on fuel and other expenses?

What if you could ditch your messy filing system because all of your paperwork was neatly sorted and filed away online.

What if you never had to worry about a hard drive crash wiping months, or even years, of your records. Because it was backed up at all times.

What if you didn’t have to lug out your laptop for every little purchase and instead entered them on your phone on the spot?

What if you had key numbers like cost per mile, profit per mile, average miles and more – available to you at all times.

What if tax time took zero extra effort because all you had to do was click a button to get a ready to go tax report.

Your accountant would love you. Allowing you to spend your time together going over new ways to save you money.

Your mind would be at ease. Making time on the road more relaxed and enjoyable – and time away from the road stress-free restful.

Your business would run like well-oiled machine, and suddenly great opportunities would become crystal clear - giving you the facts you need to double or triple your profit.

You’d have confidence when you hauled your loads and when you set your rates.

Try Rigbooks risk-free for 30 days and gain total control over your trucking business.

Rigbooks puts profit and loss reports, expense and fuel mileage reports, and more at your fingers tips. In a few weeks of tracking your business, you’ll gain a crystal-clear view of your most important business decisions.

You’ll always up to date so you know what a load costs you today – not last year and not three months ago.

Rigbooks not only tracks the things you need, it tracks them in the way you need. You can bill by the mile, item, lump sum, or by weight. You can add receipts you found behind your seat or in the sleeper… and they automatically go in the right place.

Rigbooks even adds up your IFTA mileage entries - and fuel receipts! It also imports the latest fuel tax rates for all IFTA jurisdictions, so you won’t have to do that either.

Every aspect of Rigbooks is built to handle trucking bookkeeping, and trucking only.

There’s no software to download and your data is always available to you.

“How much does it cost?”

Rigbooks is free for 30-days. After that it costs $19 per month. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you decide you’re not happy at anytime I’ll refund your money. There’s no sign up fees, and no termination fees… no extra fees, ever.

“If I don’t like it, how easy is it to cancel?”

Very. You can cancel (and get all of your data out of) your account at anytime with one-click. Rigbooks is pay-as-you-go, meaning there’s no contract and no long-term commitment.

“What if I have multiple trucks?”

No problem. Rigbooks handles fleets of over 10+ trucks. If you have multiple trucks call me for special pricing: (888) 274-6053

Can I use Rigbooks on the road? On my phone?

Yes, Rigbooks works on any computer and on any smartphone or tablet. There’s nothing to install and your data is always available.

How easy will it be to get my data out?

You can export your data at anytime. Rigbooks keeps your data backed up at all times and SSL (https) encryption is standard with all accounts. There’s also no risk of losing your data if your computer crashes.

How are you better than Quickbooks, Quicken, etc. or an accountant?

Regular accounting software makes you do messy calculations to figure out basic truck operating expenses like cost per mile. Not only is that error-prone, it’s inefficient because you waste a lot of time on extra work you shouldn’t have to do. Rigbooks is built for your business.

Having an accountant do everything might sound like a great option - but the truth is it’s your business. No one can make decisions that will grow your business but you. Having your accountant handle all of the numbers might take the burden off of you but it wont allow you to understand your entire operation and plan for it’s future. Rigbooks will.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, Rigbooks provides English speaking email support for all customers. We do our best to respond to every email within just a few hours of receiving it. All tech support is handled in-house by the people that created the product.

Stop worrying about messy books. Get started for free.

We wanted a books system that would work for us. I mainly wanted a system designed for the industry that I would not have to go through and completely "edit" to make work for what we do, such as quick books. Something that was priced reasonably. A way to itemize our expenses easily and show us where the money was going and annual, monthly and quarterly costs in just moments.

And from the first time I looked at the reports, this was available from the get go. - Kathleen Ferrell, Twin Lakes Enterprise (Rigbooks user since September 2013)

“I’ll never go back to using spreadsheets to keep track of my books. With Rigbooks, I can get everything done in a few minutes a week. I don’t even have to double check my totals.” – S. Forrest, Forrest Trucking (Rigbooks user since March 2010)

“I’ve tried numerous accounting programs, both online and downloads. This is by far the easiest to use for truckers.” - P. Wright, PC Wright Trucking(Rigbooks user since January 2011)

“Everything else I tried was complicated and hard to use. I don’t need a secretary to use Rigbooks. I tell everyone I know to use it.” - Tony Yaromich, Trans-Provider (Rigbooks user since July 2012)

Why I think you should sign up right now.

My parents have had a trucking business for over 25 years.

My Mom used to do all the books herself, which always resulted in a “hell week” of getting everything together just in time for taxes. My sister and I quickly learned to stay out of her way in March and April!

Back then (like today) there wasn’t much around to help them keep track of important stuff like expenses, trips, and other records. So she’d add it all up by hand and double–or triple–check all her totals. It was a pain.

So when we finally got a computer, I helped her create a spreadsheet.

It worked, but it wasn’t great. The spreadsheet constantly messed up, so she had a million copies laying around. It was hard to find the “right one”. It wasn’t very flexible.

Later, after working in the software industry a few years, I realized I could make a truly great program for her.

She loved it.

And that’s when I realized I could help other trucking businesses succeed and Rigbooks was born. The app has grown a lot more powerful since then, tracking over over 54,000+ trips and helping truckers earn over $96+ million in revenue…

… But it continues to help my parent’s run their one truck business – and you can bet that everyday I make Rigbooks better at helping my parent’s (and your) business succeed.

Try Rigbooks free for 30-days and love it or don’t pay a dime.

Warm Regards,

Jason Forrest

Founder of Rigbooks

PS. If it’s not the right time for you I totally understand. I’ve put together a free guide to help you build a profitable trucking business. Cheers.