Fuel Surcharge Calculator

Jason Forrest

You need two values to accurately calculate your business’ fuel surcharge fees. They are:

  1. Baseline fuel price per gallon: This value is the diesel price per gallon you used when you calculated your estimated costs when setting your rates. It was probably the average cost per fuel at the time you set your rates.
  2. Fuel mileage (MPG): This value is the average fuel mileage you get with your truck.

With these two values you should be able to use the Fuel Surcharge Calculator below to get an accurate look at your Fuel Surcharge per mile.

Fuel Surcharge Calculator

1. Enter baseline fuel price per gallon
2. Enter fuel mileage (MPG)
3. Enter current fuel price per gallon
Calculate Fuel Surcharge
4. Your Fuel Surcharge (per mile)

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