The OTR O/O pulled into the scales and then off to the side for a random DOT inspection. They declared him OOS and added CSA points to his record because not only was his CDL out of date, but he was also over on his HOS, his PTI hadn’t been done, his ERG was several years too old, and because his ECM was malfunctioning, he was in direct violation of regulations set down by CARB.

For someone new or unfamiliar with the business, such a situation might just as well be Chinese. The number of acronyms related to the trucking industry is numerous, but we’ve put together a list of some you might run across.

3PLThird-party Logistics Provider
AAMVAAmerican Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
AAPAAmerican Association of Port Authorities
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials
APUAuxiliary Power Unit
AVIAutomatic Vehicle Identification(an onboard transponder)
AVLAutomated Vehicle Location(locates a vehicle for fleet management or stolen vehicles)
BBCBumper to Back of Cab(the distance between the front bumper and the back of the cab)
bhpBrake HorsePower
BTSBureau of Transportation Statistics
CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board
CBPCustoms Border Protection
CDL/CLPCommercial Driver License/Commercial Learners Permit
CDLISCommercial Drivers License system
CGCenter of Gravity
CMVCommercial Motor Vehicle
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
COECab-Over Engine or Cabover
COFCContainer on FlatCar(shipping containers on railroad flat cars)
COOLCredentialling Opportunities On-Line(for drivers coming out of military service)
CPMCents Per Mile
CSACompliance, Safety, Accountability
CVOCommercial Vehicle Operations
DCDistribution Center
DODDepartment of Defense
ECM or ECUElectronic Control Module or Electronic Control Unit
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EOBR/ELDElectronic On-Board Recorders, which became Electronic Logging Devices
ERGEmergency Response Guidebook(needed for Hazmat or Hazardous Materials)
FAKFreight All Kinds
FASTFree and Secure Trade
FHWAFederal HighWay Administration
FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FTZFree Trade Zone
GAWRGross Axle Weight Rating
GCWGross Combination Weight
GVWGross Vehicle Weight
GVWRGross Vehicle Weight Rating
HHGHouse Hold Goods
HOSHours of Service
ICCInterstate Commerce Commission
IFTAInternational Fuel Tax Agreement(an arrangement between Canada and the United States)
IRPInternational Registration Plan
ITHSIntelligent Transportation Highway Systems
ITSIntelligent Transportation Systems(replaced ITHS
JITJust-in-time(freight that must be on location by an exact time)
LCULong Combination Vehicle
LO/LO cargoLift-On/Lift-Off cargo(must be lifted on and off a trailer)
LOSLevel of Service(a qualitative assessment of a road's operating condition)
LTLLess than TruckLoad(includes freight between 100-20,000 pounds, and needing trailers less than 48 or 53 feet.
MCMotor Carrier
MVRMotor Vehicle Report
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
NASTCNational Association of Small Trucking Companies
NDRNational Driver Registry
NHSNation Highway System
NTSBNational Transportation Safety Board
O/OOwner Operator
OODIAOwner Operator Independent Driver Association
OOSO/OOSOut Of Service Orders/Out Of Service
OS&DOver, Short & Damaged(goods which arrive damaged and a claim is filed against a carrier)
OTROver the Road
P&DPick-up & Delivery
POPurchase Order
PODProof of Delivery
POEPort of Entry
POSPoint of Sale
PRPly Rating(for tires)
PTIPre-Trip Inspection
PTOPower Take Off(a device that transmits engine power to auxiliary equipment such as hydraulic pumps
RFGReFormulated Gasoline
RFIDRadio Frequency
RO/RO cargoRoll-On/Roll-Off cargo(Cargo that has wheels or chassis which can be driven on or off)
RQReportable Quantities(associated with Hazmat)
RTVReturn to Vendor
SEDShipper's Export Declaration
SKUStock Keeping Unit
TEUTwenty-foot Equivalent Unit
TIDATrucking Industry Defense Association
TLTruck Load
TOFCTrailers on Flat Cars(Trailers or semitrailers on Railroad Flat Cars)
UFCUniform Freight Classification
ULEVUltra Low Emissions Vehicle
USDOTUnited States Department of Transportation
VMRSVehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
VMTVehicle Miles of Travel
WIMWeigh-in-motion(a vehicle's weight is determined in a way that it does not have to stop)