Buying a New Semi Truck vs. Used – The Pros and Cons

Jason Forrest

Deciding on whether to buy a new or used truck can be a difficult, important, even life-changing decision. Below is a simple table that gives an overview of the pros and cons of new and used trucks.

New Truck
Pros Cons
  • More reliable
  • Less maintenance/repair costs
  • Warranty is extensive and lasts a long time
  • Easier to get serviced (usually)
  • Can be more fuel-efficient
  • Can have lower emission levels
  • Much more expensive
Used Truck
Pros Cons
  • Much less expensive
  • For lightly-used trucks, can be very similar in quality to new
  • Less financial risk, easier to get out of
  • Many old trucks are very powerful and built to last
  • More in maintenance/repair costs
  • Unknown history and issues
  • No or limited warranty
  • Less fuel-efficient (generally)

About Rigbooks

My name is Jason Forrest, and I’m the creator of Rigbooks. Rigbooks is a cloud-based software that makes it easier for small and medium-sized trucking companies run their business while keeping organized. We’ve been around since 2010.

A little about me: I grew up in a trucking family and from an early age I learned about the day-to-day problems that truck owner/operators have to deal with. I was into computers and programming as a kid so over the years I helped write small computer programs that helped my parents run their company better. Eventually that led to the idea of putting all those tools together in one package. And Rigbooks was born.